Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Drill, Nimby, Drill

I just don’t get Congressman John Adler. According to Politicker NJ, when questioned about President Obama’s plan to resume offshore drilling, Adler’s response was “I support expanding domestic oil production, but not off New Jersey's shores.”

To be clear, no matter what safeguards are in place, offshore drilling and its fleet of tankers will eventually cause a costly oil spill – it’s just a matter of time. So Adler is OK with an oil spill on the shores of Virginia, just not New Jersey.

Adler is an intelligent man. So why isn’t he more actively promoting renewable energy instead of dragging out our dependence on limited and dirty fossil fuels? Of course, his opponent is no better. Footballer Jon Runyan’s position is that drilling is fine as long as it’s done 50 miles offshore. I guess the oil slicks know not to traverse that 50 mile barrier.

We need people in Congress who are forward looking, not backward looking. But this year, those of us in the third district of New Jersey will not have a choice.

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