Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Blow to the Average Consumer - and John Adler's Chance to Redeem Himself

The following letter was sent by me to Congressman John Adler.   It will be interesting to see if his response is along the lines of Corporate lobbyists or of the average consumer.

Dear Representative Adler,

Today’s ruling by the US District Court for the District of Columbia against the FCC, and in favor of Comcast on “net neutrality” is a disaster. Over the years, the consolidation of media and its distribution has impacted our citizens’ access to a variety of information. Instead, our information infrastructure is controlled by a small number of corporations who necessarily put profit ahead of public service. We have seen the negative impact of deregulation on the banking and insurance industries, and the results have made a few people very rich while the average citizen pays more for less.

I would like to see you take the lead among your colleagues to promote legislation that imposes “net neutrality” on broadband providers. I don’t want Comcast controlling my ability to access sites that don’t contribute to their bottom line. I realize there are powerful lobbyists for the broadband industry, and am afraid the average internet user does not have an equal voice in Congress. By leading the effort to reverse this court decision, you have a great opportunity to re-gain the support of thousands of your constituents who were disappointed by your conduct during the health care debate.

Thank you.

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