Monday, April 1, 2013

What About the Other 20-Year-Olds?

Sportswriter Dave Zirin correctly analyzes the fallout from Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware’s horrific injury in the NCAA tournament. Zirin points out that while the school, which makes millions of dollars from intercollegiate athletics, may pay for near-term medical expenses, Ware will be on his own afterwards. And if Ware is unable to play, his scholarship is not guaranteed.

Yet, in a sense, Ware is lucky. Our nation is creating thousands of Kevin Wares and Eric LeGrands every day in unnecessary wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. Men and women who come back without limbs, with stress-induced mental diseases, or in body bags.

As the nation’s attention is riveted on the Final Four™, other 20-year-olds are having their lives altered in worse ways than Ware’s. We must support the troops by bringing them home.