Friday, January 1, 2010

Yasher Koach to John Lynch

A big “yasher koach” to John Lynch, the Governor of New Hampshire, who signed into law their marriage equality act which goes into effect today. While he is concerned on his personal religious grounds to gay marriage, he clearly understands that civil marriage has nothing to do with religion, and clergy in New Hampshire are not obligated to perform rites with which they are uncomfortable. Lynch’s statement is here.

Contrast this to the dysfunctional New Jersey legislators who continue to stall and ignore this important civil rights issue. And even if our legislature decides to do the right thing, our incoming governor, who shares Lynch's personal religious objections, has already said he will use his veto power to deny equal rights to all New Jerseyans.

While New Hampshire’s new legislation is a step in the right direction, this country needs to abide by the Fourteenth Amendment and make marriage equality a way of life in all 50 states.

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