Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Reasons why Sarah Palin will be a Great Commentator for Fox News

Sarah Palin just signed a lucrative contract with Fox "News" to become a commentator on that network. This is an excellent move on Fox's part to maintain their "fair and balanced" approach to journalism. While it not only provides equal time for her against her potential 2012 foe, Mike Huckabee, there are ten good reasons for her new assignment:

1. After attending five different colleges, she has a degree in journalism.
2. Because she did such a good job with Katie Couric, she knows how to interview.
3. She knows when to quit
4. Fox will not have to invest in a wardrobe for her.
5. She can also see Canada from Alaska
6. Her husband works for a British company, so she’s qualified to interview foreign newsmakers.
7. Her experience at Fox will qualify her to replace Simon Cowell
8. She can spell “potato”, so she’s more qualified than Dan Quayle.
9. She’s not quite as crazy as Glen Beck.
10. She’s hotter than Bill O’Reilly

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