Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Jersey Residents: Chris Christie Just Gave Your Money to Exxon

If you're a New Jersey family of four, do you have $4,000 lying around waiting to be squandered away? Well, you're too late. Chris Christie just gave that money to his big oil patrons and a judge agreed with him.
Today, Christie won his suit in court that allowed him to give $8 billion to Exxon by letting them go almost scot free for their pollution of dozens of sites in New Jersey. Instead, the taxpayer will be stuck with the cleanup bill over the next 20 or so years. That works out to about one thousand dollars per New Jersey resident. So Christie continues to bow down to the oil interests that he hopes will propel him to the White House while you and I are stuck with polluted ground water and contaminated soil.


  1. Thank you for watching. I am dependent on you for being a witness, and speaking out.

  2. You do realize Exxon had nothing to do with polluting these sites? They bought these properties well after the pollution occurred. They inherited the legal liabilities associated with these sites, but it is unfair to impart a moral liability to them. As to the legal liabilities, the judge indicated the approved settlement reasonably reflects those. Judge Hogan has been described as “fair, calm, detail-oriented…” by our own Ron Bookbinder.