Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's Focus, People!

I don’t know if I should be puzzled or disappointed in the way Hillary Clinton is being treated. (For the record, I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter, but Hillary would be a better president than any of the GOP contenders.)

The coverage she gets focuses not on issues, but on trumped-up scandals (no pun intended.) Is that the fault of the media, or is the media just echoing public sentiment? The discussion around Hillary should focus on her moderate approach to social issues and her conservative approach to foreign policy and trade. But Benghazi and e-mail seem to be what the public is getting.

The same applies to Chris Christie. Yes, his culpability in Bridgegate says a lot about his character, but at the end of the day, that’s not where the important issues are. We should be talking about his dismal record on New Jersey’s economy, his tendency to put cronyism ahead of competence, and his disdain for the rights of the people of the state.

Talking about Clinton’s emails, Bernie’s hair, or Christie’s cronyism takes away from the serious discussion about issues that affect us all. Let’s focus, people.

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  1. Trumped-up scandal? I would think your decades in the defense industry would have made you keenly aware of the importance of protecting classified information. If not, David Petraeus or John Deutch (or at least their lawyers) could explain it to you.

    I agree with you viz Bridgegate and Bernie's hair (truly a scandal) but would think Clinton's propensity for a scandal a week would give even the most die-hard Democrat pause. Like you, I give priority to ideas rather than personalities, but have minimum expectations of integrity and truthfulness even in politicians.

    So if it is Sanders vs Trump it will be a Democrat who is not a Democrat versus a Republican who is not a Republican. And if Clinton vs Trump, it will be to my knowledge the first time a candidate of one party has contributed to the political campaigns of the candidate of the other party. Fun times.