Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where Do We Draw The Line?

According to the gun fanatics, the Second Amendment gives Americans unfettered access to assault weapons.

Why draw the line there?

Can we extend their rationale to say that the Second Amendment gives Americans the right to own bazookas? How about surface-to-air missiles? If someone is carrying a surface-to-air missile and launcher in the back of their pickup truck near an airport, do the gun fanatics claim he shouldn't be arrested?

Why draw the line there?

By their logic, any American should be able to own a Howitzer to launch tactical nuclear weapons.

This exercise in absurdity shows that the Founders never intended for Americans to own weapons of mass destruction like automatic weapons with large clips.

I wonder why the Second Amendment absolutists don’t attack restrictions on the First Amendment. If they are to be consistent, they should lobby for the repeal of libel laws. After all, those laws inhibit “free speech.”

The Constitution is a living document. Hopefully, our legislators and courts apply a common sense filter to extrapolate 18th Century intent into 21st Century reality. Is expecting reality from the gun fanatics achievable?


  1. I keep thinking - the authors of the constitution had muskets in mind when they spoke of a "well regulated militia."

    I don't think today's gun owners would like that limitation.

  2. Perhaps that is why it has been illegal for virtually all Americans to own an automatic weapon since 1934.