Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Political Opportunism of Tammy Murphy

 The First Lady of New Jersey, Tammy Murphy, is challenging three-term Congressman Andy Kim in the June 2024 Senatorial Primary. This is a prime example of raw political power (supplied by the Governor), nepotism, and political payoffs.

The Governor still has almost two years left in his term (he is then term-limited) and wields tremendous political and patronage power. Consequently, the New Jersey political bosses are all in for the Governor's wife, while those politicians with integrity like former Congressman Tom Malinowski support Kim.

But guess who else supported Kim? None other than the governor's wife, Tammy Murphy. Even before Kim won his first term, Tammy Murphy was actively promoting his candidacy. The only thing that caused her to change her mind was the seduction of political power.

Here's a very short video - an extract of a speech she gave in Burlington County, NJ, in October 2018 where she lauds Kim.

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