Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Jersey, Delaware to Merge

In a surprise move today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced a merger between New Jersey and Delaware. The new state will be called "New Jersey."

"It makes a lot of sense", Christie said. "It has always bothered me that New Jersey had an odd number of counties, and by adding Delaware's three counties to the state, we now have a nice even 24, which coincidentally is the same as the name of my favorite television program."

In a related move, Christie announced that his alma mater, the University of Delaware, will be merged into Rowan University. Attorney Philip A. Norcross has been named President of the academic institution. When questioned about this action, Christie replied, "It just makes sense. This gives Rowan a Division I football team and nobody ever heard of a blue hen, anyway."

When told that Delaware Governor Jack Markell strenuously objected to the merger of the two states, and that the matter should be brought to the people, Christie replied, "He's an idiot. Someone should take a bat to him."


  1. Here's an interesting point. During that TH Christie said he does them to connect with the people, to hear what they have to say because he is isolated. He is isolated because he is surrounded by troopers and has to go in dark back halls whenever he enters a building. Worry much? Does someone have a hit out on him or something?

    Regardless, he does the TH meetings to connect and yet turns around with the quote that sums up his time in office: "Damn man I'm governor. Could you just shut up for a second?"

    1. If Christie wanted to connect with people, he would hold some of these "Town Halls" in the evening when most working people could attend.

  2. To avoid confusion with Dover, NJ, I suggest name of Dover, DE, be changed to "Dunder" in honor of the Guv who made this long overdue merger possible.