Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oklahoma Legislature Bans Pledge of Allegiance

In a surprise move, the Oklahoma legislature passed a bill that would ban the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance in the state.

State Senator Joe Buffoon (R-Bigotsville) explained, “This is just an extension of the law that we recently passed banning the mention of Sharia Law within the state’s courts.”

He explained, “The Pledge has the phrase ‘under God’ in it, and we all know that God is a Christian. So to be consistent, if we are to ban Sharia Law, we should also eliminate mention of the real God. Besides,” he continued, “the Bible forbids us to pay tribute to graven images, and what’s more graven than pledging allegiance to a flag, which is just a piece of cloth?”

Governor Fallin is expected to sign the bill into law, despite opposition from the Flag Manufacturers of America lobbying group. Elizabeth Ross, president of the group, has predicted a devastating impact on the American economy if we no longer say the pledge to the thousands of American flags that are imported from China every day.

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