Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten Fundamental Truths that the Tea Party Needs to Understand

  1. The IRS is not evil.
  2. You can support the troops while still be against the war.
  3. Labor unions are not evil.
  4. It’s easy to compare someone you don’t like to Hilter, Attila the Hun, or Pee Wee Herman.  Why not look for people you could compare to Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, or Jesus Christ.
  5. America is not a Christian nation. 
  6. Who my neighbor chooses as a life partner is not my concern, and will never impact the sanctity and wonder of my marriage.
  7. People have souls.  Corporations do not.  Hence, corporations are not people.
  8. Free, quality public education is a cornerstone of American society.
  9. We can differ on opinion.  We can’t differ on facts – even if Fox “News” says so.
  10. Yes, you are your brother’s keeper. 


  1. Saying "America is not a Christian nation" kind of throws some cold water on the "people have souls" argument, doesn't it?

  2. There are plenty of references to soul in non-Christian contexts, like here and here. But my favorite is here.

  3. I was aware that the soul is a concept in most religions, although it seems more important in Christianity. Sometimes I have trouble following your logic. You say we are not a Christian nation, but in points 7 and 10 you endorse concepts that the 82% of Americans that self-identify as Christian would attribute to their religion.

    As to point 10, I would argue you are free to live your life under the belief you are your brother's keeper, but you are also free to reject that concept. You state it as, what, a fact? On this evidence I would worry more about you imposing your religious beliefs on me than vice-versa.