Friday, December 18, 2009

Taking Control of the Language of the Debate

Over the past decades, the Republicans have been very effective in taking control of the language of the debates. They coined the term “pro-life”, implying that those people who support keeping the government from interfering with a woman’s medical decisions are “pro-death.” Another term that they use is “death tax”, and since each of us must die eventually, who can support that? They conveniently ignore the fact that this tax applies only to the very wealthy. They gave us the “Patriot Act” which eviscerates Constitutional rights.

So for those of us who support health care reform, let’s call ourselves “pro-health.” Of course this would imply that the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are “anti-health.” Given that they have not presented any viable alternative approach to the health care crisis, this has the added distinction of being accurate.

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